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Perfect bespoke tailoring can make you feel like a Million Dollars. Not only does your Custom Made outfit perfectly fit and flatters your figure, it also makes a strong personal statement - something that few off-the -shelf, ill-fitting clothes can't do. And with prices set much lower than that of brand label clothes, Custom Tailoring is a practicality and not an Indulgence. 
You can dress for success without busting your pay check.

Hong Kong has a Global Reputation for Quality Bespoke Tailoring. At the top of the line is Danny’s Fashions, where its service with a smile while you are measured for an exceptional new wardrobe thats completely original and unique to you. Danny’s Fashion stocks about 9,000 fabrics ranging from Affordable to Exclusive. Few bespoke tailors offer such a wide selection on the spot. Having custom tailored suits for professional Men and Women for 40 years, the Business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across the globe.

So impressive is their name in the U.S., that their customer base is said to consist of over 90,000 satisfied customers.
Danny’s Fashion covers all of the major cities here in the U.S. in addition to cities all around the world in
​Scotland, Germany, Ireland, Australia,Canada, and the UK. Heading Danny’s Fashions is the effervescent Danny Chandiramani who emigrated from northern India on a mission to achieve something great. Since a young age, Danny had a passion for clothing styles and garments. As his first opportunity presented itself, Danny took upon a small store located across The Sheraton Hotel, in Tsim Sha Tsui and started a Custom Tailoring Business that over 40 Years has served the most prolific and normal people alike. Dannys Fashion has been providing a look of Couture in its truest sense, through the finest tailor made garments available.

​ But whilst business was good, Danny began to position the enterprise a few cuts above the rest. The push for change came in 1997, after the handover of Hong Kong to China. Many of Danny’s Fashions expatriate customers returned to the UK and others returned home to their respective countries. Danny went to visit his customers, taking our local tailoring enterprise Global. Setting up shop in hotel rooms, they informed customers that their favorite Hong Kong custom tailor had come to their doorsteps. Danny has since put internet technology to good use.

​ An online presence keeps the communication lines between the business and its far flung customer base connected 24/7. The practice of travelling worldwide to visit customers still continues. Demand for services is so great that their overseas appointment books are filled a month in advance. Danny and his Son, Alex, travel to the U.S. six times a year, Australia twice a year and to the U.K. twice a year. Moreover, this allows overseas customers, an opportunity to expand their wardrobes and to refresh their old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualized attention they can take for granted at Danny’s Fashions.

A wide selection of cloths swatches consisting of the Finest in Scottish Tweeds, English Flannels, French Gaberdines, & Mohair from Italy is displayed in our shop and during our tours. We offer Savile Row quality bespoke suits, overcoats, dinner jackets, morning coats, dressing gown, court dress (court uniform), hunting pink, shooting jacket, 
plus 2's, hacking jacket, tailcoat, morning & evening wear and other customized garments. 

Dannys Fashion Shoppe Showroom, is located in the midst of the fragrant harbour of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong; conveniently allowing you to come in and view the exceptional quality fabrics stocked.
Our retail store in Hong Kong is always open even when we are on tour.

​Throughout all these years we have diligently remained committed to Quality, Customer Service combined with Artisanal Craftsmanship. By wearing a Dannys Fashion custom made suit, in one of our classic cloths, you will look elegant and versatile. Come One, Come All and Experience what a Custom Tailoring look does for you;
You'll soon be saying BYE BYE to off the rack!!

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